A++ is Dating chat app

What is A++?
You don’t have opportunity to meet new people, you don’t either have chance to make friend,…
A++ is the great application to provide you that chance

•Main function
At first, so as that others can get to know you, please sign up your profile.
The more detailed you update profile the higher rate you can meet friend!
+ “Neighbors”
Due to GPS function, it is displayed users searching for friend are near you
Friend list is displayed either by country or by regional prefectures
Message that you send and receive all is displayed here.
In function of sending photo, you can not only use normal sending function but also use the new function, the so-called “secret mode” that allow to delete photo after certain time.
Taking and getting message will be noticed by push notification.
By inputting condition, you can search the matches.

•Terms of use
This application and related service is free to use, however please agree to the following terms of use:
1.If you are under 18, you are not allowed to use this application.
2.Getting message to person under 18-year-old is also not allowed
3.For blind date or dating introduce company using is banned.
4.Banned and rejected post when it contain obscenity,encouraging to crime and threaten public order and morality contents.

*Our application is not used for introducing girl or boyfriend. We will remove all user and post which do not comply with this terms. In case that user is suspected to violate, please inform to the administration by putting “Report this user” at that user’s profile.

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