There are quite a few dating websites out there.. what’s makes this one different?

There are quite a few applications and websites out there which are fast and efficient when wanting to arrange a quick hook up with a hot guy; and that’s fine. Good sex is important in most people’s lives. A lot of us however often feel an emptiness after the sex and the intimate close encounter. The night before it may even have seemed romantic and meaningful. You may both have felt that special connection during your physical time together, as if time stood still and this was the man you was meant to be with – providing it was a good hook up of course! Far too often that feeling has changed the next morning. That special feeling you had has evaporated. The guy is not even staying for breakfast; he’s got a lot of things to do that day, he tells you. You politely wave goodbye and that’s that. You wonder if the connection your felt was real, did he feel it like you did?

Here on Hot for Adam we are encouraging you to explore your need for feeling that connection and for the opportunities you have in life to do so. We want to help you on your way, giving a more emotionally fulfilling life a chance.

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